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Guaranteed To Stop Your Dog's Pulling – OR YOUR MONEY BACK!
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  • Safe: Promotes Positive Behavior
  • Proven: Invented By A Professional Dog Trainer With 35+ Years Experience
  • Fast And Easy: Adjustable And Easily Attaches In Seconds
  • Recommended: Preferred By Vets And Experts
A Simple Easy Way To Stop Your Dog's Pulling Fast!
"MAGIC! This harness I swear works magic! After putting on this harness and walking just a couple of feet, no more pulling, no more anxiety, no more barely being able to breathe and choking themselves out! ...You will love walking your dog!" - Ashton V.
How It Works
• No More Pain...
• No More Mixed Messages...
• No More Pinching Or Chafing...

Everyday leash pulling is common and has been proven to cause a 60% chance of significant neck or back injury for dogs. That pain can actually worsen their behavior over time. Exactly what you don't want!

The bodycollar's unique patented design stops pulling by applying gentle pressure on the body away from the neck keeping your dog safe and happy.
the perfect dog
"Best harness we've used! It was almost as if she knew I could control her better on her walks as soon as it was on and she pulled far less than before. Can't recommend this enough! - Scott C.
Real People, Real Dogs, Real Results!
"Thank you for developing this miracle device!"

"Before we got the bodycollar, she pulled and it was impossible to work with her. Now that Abbey has the bodycollar, she never even tries to pull and it is a joy to walk."

- Dianne, Captain Santa Clara County Sheriff's Dept. (Retired)
"I will continue to recommend the bodycollar."

"With my bodycollars I can walk all four of my dogs with no problems. They don't chafe or impede their walking or running. It's such a relief to know that I'm not hurting them."

- Melissa, Vet Tech
"The bodycollar is amazing!"

"If I put a bodycollar on a dog that pulls I get instant results. Unlike a harness, there is no pinching of the shoulders and the movement is free and normal. I recommend bodycollar to anyone who has a dog that pulls."

- Dave Roos, DVM Veterinarian/Founder of the Adobe Animal Hospital, Los Altos, CA

"The last harness we will have to buy! Absolutely love the new control we have with our pup. After a few minutes of use, no pulling and no escapes! Beyond happy!" - Allison, Fort Walton, FL
About Trish Wamsat
Inventor Of bodycollar And Professional Dog Trainer 

Trish Wamsat, a professional dog trainer with over 35 years of experience in training has committed her life to helping all types of dogs become more peaceful and obedient. 

Trish found in her training that if she transferred pressure away from the dog's neck and exerted gentle but noticeable pressure on their chest, she could better control a dog’s behavior through a positive, non-painful means of feedback.

The result of years of experimenting and refinement is the remarkably simple and effective bodycollar; so novel it was awarded a US patent. It works for all sized-dogs and is fully adjustable and attaches in just seconds. Literally, it does all the hard work for you. 

"This is the only no-pull harness that we've tried that really worked as advertised. It has made walking the dog a new pleasure and she reacted in a positive manner immediately. I would highly recommend it for all types of dogs." – Robert J.
Guidelines For A Perfect Fit
"No more pulling on the leash! If you have a dog that pulls when you go for a walk, this collar works great! No pain, no choking or pinching. It just works with the way a dog reacts. Great product! - Amy A.
Now Available In Blue + Red!
Starting at $19.95!