Meet Trish Wamsat
Professional Trainer and inventor of the bodycollar™
Trish has trained dogs for 35 years. Needless to say, she loves everything about dogs and has committed her life to working with them. Trish sees dogs as sensitive, smart and loving creatures. Her philosophy is to treat them and teach them as members of the family, but insist that they follow the household rules! She also believes that WE are the ones responsible for teaching them what we want and expect, using common sense, clear instructions, loving praise and rewards.

Trish became a professional dog trainer in 1977 and built a parallel career caring for dogs in veterinarian clinics and animal hospitals. In the early years she specialized in dog psychology and behavior. In 1998 she joined Adobe Animal Hospital in Northern California, one of the largest and most respected veterinarian practices in the country. There she led Outpatient Services, where she came to know thousands of dogs and their families. She was also the ICU supervisor, caring for pets with the most serious health needs.

Trish founded AdobeDogs in 2007, turning her professional dog training talents into a thriving business. Her work involved private consultations for vets and clients, group puppy and adolescent classes, obedience, search, and even sheep herding! And she wrote a book: Choosing and Raising a Puppy (How Hard Could It Be?). Her interest in puppy behavior and hard-to-train “problem dogs” led her to become an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

Although she doesn’t keep count, Trish estimates that she has professionally trained more than 6,000 dogs over the years. And for many of those years, she says she relied on traditional collar, halter and harness technologies—the “old standbys” for behavior modification. She admits that in the early days she used choke chains and pinch collars and physical force to “make” dogs do what she wanted. But she instinctively knew there had to be a less painful solution, and also a better way to communicate with dogs. Because, from a trainer’s point of view, better communication means faster and better results for dogs and their owners.

Through trial and error, Trish found that by transferring pressure away from the neck, and by exerting gentle, but noticeable pressure on the chest, she could better control a dog’s behavior through a positive, non-painful means of feedback. The result of years of experimenting and refinement is the remarkably simple and effective bodycollar; so novel it was awarded a US patent. It works for all sized-dogs. It’s fully adjustable and attaches in seconds. Literally, it does the work for you.

In Trish’s words:

“bodycollar is a smarter, kinder, more effective solution for pulling than chains and chokers that cause pain, or harnesses that may restrict gait or really don’t solve your pulling problems. It’s for these reasons that I invented the bodycollar, and I’m proud to stand behind it. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing an owner walking their dog with a slack leash. It means that the owner and dog are in perfect sync. I know bodycollar will work for you. Good luck and happy walking!” - Trish Wamsat

You can find Trish at - She would love to hear from you!